Posted by: andrewjohnberry | August 2, 2011


The kids and I have a weakness for watching programs on the telly about the construction of big things (although in the case of the kids it might just be an excuse to stay up later). Even Maria quite likes watching them if there are no reality TV shows on. We’ve just watched one about the construction of the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

The Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium, Beijing

This is the sort of nightmarishly complex project you could only complete with unlimited money, unlimited numbers of workers and an unpleasant government. Never-the-less, it’s pretty impressive. I rather like it, too. I suspect that the one in the East End of London in 2012 won’t be quite as elaborate.



  1. Andy does tend to talk a load of drivel. Since when do I watch reality TV shows!? Now if he mentioned Location, Location, Location or A Place in the Sun – Home or Away- that would be different!


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